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Beer and Pubs in Music Hall Songs

There are  music-hall songs which are better poems than three-quarters of the stuff  that gets into the anthologies:

Come where the booze is cheaper,

Come where the pots hold more,

Come where the boss is a bit of a sport,

Come to the pub next door!

Good Bad Books, November 1945


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Beer Made With Veritable Hops

On the journey I fell in with a couple of Roumanians, mere children, who were going to England on their honeymoon trip. They asked innumerable questions about England, and I told them some startling lies. I was so pleased to be getting home, after being hard up for months in a foreign city, that England seemed to me a sort of Paradise. There are, indeed, many things in England that make you glad to get home; bathrooms, armchairs, mint sauce, new potatoes properly cooked, brown bread, marmalade, beer made with veritable hops – they are all splendid, if you can pay for them.

From Down and Out in Paris and London (1933)

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Hop Picking

Read my post on hop picking and hop pickers here.

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